Construction Drawings

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Essential diagrams for your project.

Technical Drawings

By having a detailed plan for a project contractors can work efficiently and reduce the time required to plan the project. With all the information on the drawing approved it’s an efficient way to sign off a project ready for construction with everyone on the same page.

Less Mistakes

Improve communication between contractors by looking at one drawing that allows everyone to collaborate over.

Avoid Delays

High-quality drawings with the correct level of detail can provide forward thinking detail to minimise delays in the project.

Keeping Track

Construction drawings are always changing as the project develops. It’s a good tool to see the progress of a project and show you are going in the right direction.

Types of drawings

Types of diagrams that I can supply for your project.

Lighting/Electrical Diagrams

  • Switch Locations
  • Lighting Locations
  • Wiring Paths
  • Lighting Types

Finished Drawings

  • Floor Patterns
  • Wall Patterns/Finishes
  • Paint Colours

Floor Plans Elevations & Sections

  • Dimensions of interior and exterior walls
  • The type of each room
  • Material specifications
  • Stairs and their direction
  • Depicting the structures vertically

Fire Plans

Firefighting drawings are drawn before the construction of a building. They draw out the pattern of the placement of the fire hoses, points, water outlets, and everything else.

They also lay out the fire protection plan and safety systems that are to be set in place


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