About us

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We are Pantha

Our interior architecture and design studio is dedicated to crafting exceptional environments that inspire the human experience.

By fusing creativity, innovation and attention to detail, we transform spaces into reflections of our clients’ unique visions, while prioritising sustainability and enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities.

Our mission is to create extraordinary living and working environments that celebrate beauty, ignite creativity and leave a lasting impression on all who inhabit them.

We design, visualise and immerse you into your design so you can see your design before any construction works is completed.

South Shropshire

Our studio is located in Shrewsbury, however we operate throughout the West Midlands. We specifically aim to design spaces for living and working in that are sustainable and can adapt to the changing environments around us.


We understand that designing interiors involves a process of decision making. We aim to make this as seamless as possible by providing you with 3D Visuals, Walkthroughs & Images.

Design Process

During the design process we explore colour, texture and ambience to create a cohesive space which is reflected in the design and clearly presented so you can see the design decisions that are made.

How we work

From your first consultation to delivery day here is what to expect from start to finish.

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Get In Touch

We will talk through what you are looking to achieve, how we can help and discuss what steps are best for moving forward.

Consultation/Site Visit

The site visit is to understand your project better so we can get to know you and your space. We will take measurements of the space and take photos.


Once we have all the information we need we will send you over a quote for the design works.

Design Works

Once accepted it’s time to complete our part. We will get in touch when it’s closer for your design presentation to arrange a suitable day and time for you.

Design Presentation

This is usually held on site where we will go through the design and it’s your time to share your thoughts.


With your feedback we will make the necessary amendments to the design and send it back to you until we get it just right.


We understand that once you receive your project design and proposal you want to get going, so we have the option to handover to our trusted contractors to complete the work where I will still be on hand to help with any design questions that may come up.

Get In Touch

If you like our style and think we can help with your projects please get into contact.

  • alice@panthadesign.co.uk
  • 07903 384 279
  • @pantha_uk
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